The Marathon Map

Please Note: This is The Marathon Map. If you cannot find yourself on the map there may be a slight delay after signing. Please wait a while and check back later. Usually this is 30 minutes -1 hour. Thanks for your patience. Please read the instructions below.




  • Make sure your BIB is correct (This can be found by searching your name on the leader board)

  • Make sure your PIN is correct (Your PIN number is the 4 digits you used to sign up with. You can check this on your sign up email.)

  • Make sure the Date format is correct DD/MM/YYYY  THIS IS NOT YOUR DATE OF BIRTH!  This is the date of mileage you are submitting for.

  • Select whether you are submitting in KM or MILES , The system will automatically convert them for you after you submit.
  • TOTAL YOUR MILEAGE for each day (It will only accept the last submission as your total) You can resubmit if you make a mistake. 

  • Results are updated INSTANTLY . You can check your MILEAGE LOG from the log icon in the top right of the page.